The Dominican Republic Mission Galleries_2017 - Zoraya B. Stern Photography


"A disciple never stops growing".  This was the sermon theme the Sunday after returning home from the mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  A mission trip is unlike any other kind of travel and one does not return home unchanged.  Growth in faith, fellowship, world-awareness, self-reflection, new relationships and much more is what awaits each time.  I am thankful that my church family continues to grow to so many parts of the world.  And, together, we will continue this journey in faith.


Pricing for Prints, Downloads & More

The construction of the foundation for Luz Divina was just the beginning.  There is so much more funding that will need to be raised in order to complete this project.  

I have very much enjoyed photographing our journey and processing the many images.  While I continue to work on these galleries in preparation for a book, please feel free to share this link with others.  By sharing these images with others, my hope would be that they too will be inspired to go out and serve and pray for our new brothers and sisters.......I pray that this donation will help at least in some small way with the next steps for Luz Divina.

2/3 of all proceeds will be donated to Luz Divina

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